Top Production Assistance in New Zealand

Our production assistance will cover all your filming needs, across the land and seas. Dare to let your ideas shine brighter than the glowworm caves when filming in New Zealand. As your fixer in New Zealand, we will take care of making local resources available at all times. We can find you a knowledgeable location manager and get local deals on equipment rental. We are not trying to butter up to you, our reputation proves we are a reliable fixer in New Zealand.

From hobbits to international journalists, everyone knows our production assistance remains unrivaled. Starting from the adventure capital, all the way to the Bay of Islands and beyond, we are here to help. Renting equipment or dealing with the formalities, we do anything to float your boat. Count on us for services you can afford without breaking the bank.
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Production assistance in New Zealand: our services

Fixer in New Zealand

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Filming in New Zealand can be a real adventure, even outside Queensland. Rely on local media professionals to know how to read the signs. Our extensive experience as a fixer in New Zealand is the kind of advantage you want to have. In and beyond Auckland, our portfolio of services helps you set sail to your visionary film ideas. Our collaborators connect us with the right resources in every corner of the country. Get a thorough approach to video production. Choose us to be your fixer in New Zealand and get local supplies at the best rates. We provide in-depth production assistance, adapted to your project and your budget.

Film permit in New Zealand

Filmmakers need a film permit in New Zealand for commercial video productions. Fees and conditions vary depending on the size, location, and impact of your shoot.

Getting a film permit in New Zealand takes up to 45 working days. The Department Of Conservation grants concession for projects shot on public conservation land. The process may be weary and time-consuming, so let Fixer New Zealand help you.

When formalities make you feel like you’re sailing against the wind, rely on us. We are a local film production company that provides production assistance so you can ride out of the storm. We make sure you get your film permit in New Zealand on time!

The Sweetest Deals on Equipment Rental

Visionary productions need adequate equipment to capture the true potential of filming locations. When filming in New Zealand, make sure the equipment rental matches your needs. For deals on camera package rental and more, we have the answer.

Fixer New Zealand provides the best deals on equipment rental. Our wide network of collaborators gives us access to the best gadgets, all across the land and water. For professional filming gear, without breaking the piggy bank, trust Fixer New Zealand.

Adapted to your needs and budget, we provide the ultimate camera package rental deals. Get ready for filming in New Zealand, the proper way!

Professional Crew for Hire in New Zealand

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New Zealand may be a country where humans are only 5% of its population. But they will surpass your expectations in production assistance. As a true heaven for filmmakers, the land of Kiwis can offer all you need, from crew for hire to production fixers.

Get the best background actors, experienced sound operators and more, for flexible rates. When searching for versatile crew for hire, rely on a local fixer in New Zealand to know where to find it. As media mavens, we know how important a camera operator or soundman can be for a filming project. We can work with all types of crew, adapted to your production.

When filming in New Zealand, let your production fixers handle the hassle. No language barriers involved, as English is one of the official languages. When you need a reliable camera operator or production assistant, we bear good news. Get the best crew for hire faster than you can say “Kiwi”.

Top Location Scouting in New Zealand

Beyond the borders of Mordor or Rivendell, New Zealand offers incredible filming locations. Enjoy the island’s photogenic settings. Rely on a local fixer in New Zealand to guide to the best spots.

Our local partners roamed around the land and know it like the back of their hand. Dare to follow their steps off the beaten path. Insightful location scouting in New Zealand is part of our production assistance. From the city of sails to the adventure capital and beyond, this country will take your breath away. Trust a professional fixer in New Zealand. We strive to find locations matching both fantasy and practical filming requirements.

From the eighth wonder of the world to bustling cities, count on our top location scouting in New Zealand. Let’s get the show on the road!

Journalist Fixer in New Zealand

As the 7th country in the RSF ‘s World Press Freedom, New Zealand offers the media plenty of support. To get the most insightful production assistance, rely on us. As an experienced journalist fixer in New Zealand, we know all the whereabouts of action.

A media agency or journalist covering stories in New Zealand has to apply for a specific film permit. The Media Access Permit allows you to film on public conservation land. The condition is that the cover story approaches a timely topic and is of public interest. In case your application does not meet these criteria, you will need a standard film permit.

When filming in New Zealand, it is important to make sure you follow all the regulations imposed by the DOC. Local production assistance benefits any international journalist doing a news report here. To make sure you follow the right path, access our full support as a local journalist fixer in New Zealand.

We cover all your needs, from film permits to general production assistance. We provide reliable and accessible services to any film production company. Our work reflects our top skills and experience as a journalist fixer in New Zealand. Let’s talk more and set sail to your audiovisual production! Get in touch with us today!