We are a network of local media professionals, at your service and we provide extensive support as production fixers in New Zealand.

We are part of Storytailors video production company, bringing together global media experts. Our goal is to connect foreign journalists and filmmakers with the most suitable local talent, crew & resources.

Trust us to be your production coordinator when filming in New Zealand. From Auckland to Queensland, we will accommodate all your production needs. Location scouting or equipment rental are part of our job as production fixers.

Get in touch with us for the best experience of filming in New Zealand.

Professional Production Fixers

Top production support, from a reliable production company. That is our promise to our clients. Fixer New Zealand is among the most popular production fixers and for good reasons. When filming in New Zealand, trust our top-notch support. There is no need to butter you up, our work proves what we can do.

Fixer New Zealand is the production company you can count on. Our extensive array of services is available all across the country. As an experienced journalist fixer, we assist you when covering a story or doing a news report in the land of Kiwis. Journalists and media agencies know we have the means and contacts to chase any lead.

If you are filming in New Zealand a TV commercial or documentary, we can help. We are more than the average journalist fixer. Our knowledge and partners, experience and prices can match any requirements. We provide production support services from A to Z for filming in New Zealand.

Enjoy our flexible fees for general production assistance. You don’t have to rob a bank to afford high-quality support. From equipment rental to translation, we keep it real and accessible.

Collaborate with professional production fixers and catch the wave. Get in touch for the best support when filming in New Zealand!

Production Assistance For International Media Brands

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Fixer New Zealand is the ultimate answer when it comes to production assistance. For access to the best local resources, the best deals and reliable support, our team is what you need. Our team of production fixers offers the best services, without costing you an arm and a leg. For filming in New Zealand, our production assistance brings a sea change in the industry.

We are proud of our collaborations with international media brands. History Channel is among those that chose our production assistance. Discovery Channel trusted our team of production fixers for their documentary filming. BBC, the New York Times are brands that enjoyed our professional support.

Set sail to success when filming in New Zealand. Our production assistance will help you catch the wave. Witness the passion and determination defining our work, across the islands and seas. We will let you see what made world-famous media brands trust our team of production fixers.

Fixer New Zealand caters resources for documentary filming, TV productions and more. We always strive to give our best for the filmmakers and journalists we work with. Enjoy our top services, for the best rates. Give us a sign when you plan filming in New Zealand!

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