Reliable Support for International Production Crews and Journalists

Fixer New Zealand provides much needed production support to foreign crews filming in New Zealand. Enjoy the most reliable service in the islands from our top fixers working with TV, doc & film producers.

And if you are doing a news report in New Zealand, rely on our fixer services for journalists.

We provide access through local partners to equipment rental, crew for hire and more. Our services are a perfect match for your film production. Trust Fixer New Zealand for reliable production assistance locally.

What Makes Fixer New Zealand a Trusted Production Fixer?

Fixer New Zealand, Reliable Support for International Filmmakers and Journalists

Enjoy reliable production assistance when filming in New Zealand. Trust us to know better which is the buttered side of the bread. As a local fixer in New Zealand, our access to the essential filming resources has no limits. We go the extra mile to make sure your experience is beyond your expectations. Filming in New Zealand will take you by surprise in the most pleasant way. We have the knowledge, experience, and contacts all across the country. Fixer New Zealand is the production assistance supplier you were searching for.

Set sail to your visionary film production. Filming in New Zealand will make you say “cheese” more often. Experience our extensive production assistance in any corner of the islands. From Auckland to Queenstown, we can provide you with everything you need. Crew sourcing or film permit formalities, translation or equipment rental, you name it. Our versatile portfolio can accommodate any requirements. Check out our suggestions for the best filming locations in New Zealand.

Expert Production Services with Fixer New Zealand

Make the most of the advantages provided by a dedicated team of production fixers. Collaborate with Fixer New Zealand and get access to the best local supplies. Get the pristine beauty of the most photogenic locations in your documentary filming. Or turn your masterpiece into the new “Lord of the Rings”. Our local support will be a valuable ace up your sleeve.

Prepare to explore unimaginable places, off the beaten path. Our location scouting guarantees to find the perfect spot for your production. Fixer New Zealand can take you one step closer to success. Our expertise includes TV and film productions, as well as cover stories or news reports.

Equipment rental, camera operator, crew for hire? The Fixer New Zealand team will know where to find them. And we promise you a sweet deal, every time. We are the all-encompassing fixer in New Zealand you were hoping to find. Let’s talk more! Find out more about our production services here.

Filming in New Zealand with Us

For an insightful experience of filming in New Zealand, follow the locals. Our production assistance connects you with the best local providers accommodating your needs. Fixer New Zealand knows the answers to all your production questions. We offer convenient and affordable solutions for any filmmaker and journalist. Filming in New Zealand with us will keep you safe from any snake in the grass. For press coverage or film projects, get more wind in your sails with a reliable journalist fixer.

Fixer New Zealand, Reliable Support for International Filmmakers and Journalists

Enjoy more freedom and resources when filming in New Zealand. From Auckland to Queenstown, we make sure you are not at sea when it comes to equipment, crew for hire and more. Fixer New Zealand’s network of partners is the secret for top production support.

If getting the film permit is something that worries you, keep it at bay. Whether you are filming in Auckland or more in the south, we can handle the formalities. As your journalist fixer, we can help you score interviews with officials and more. Approvals, film permits, associated fees, we help you out of the woods with everything. Find out more about the filming conditions in New Zealand

The sea will always be no further than 128km when filming in the land of Kiwis. Working with Fixer New Zealand equals an ocean of resources, accessible and affordable. Our portfolio includes countrywide services, from location scouting to camera package rental.

Fixer New Zealand can also help you work with the most versatile crew for hire. Acting as a journalist fixer for various media brands makes us adaptable to your needs. With us, filming in New Zealand will not cost you a queen’s ransom. Fixer New Zealand is part of Storytailors video production company, a global network of media professionals. Discover more about our work and who we are

Curious to see what our experts can do out on the field? Tell us more about your plans for filming in New Zealand. We offer the initial research and consultation services free of charge. Choose reliable production assistance, choose Fixer New Zealand. Get in touch with us and tell us what you need.

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