Be the first in the world to see the sunrise when filming in New Zealand, for an amazing experience. The land of Kiwis will treat you right. We are a team of local journalist fixers in New Zealand, at your service. Let us guide through with our extensive production assistance. Get the best resources when filming in New Zealand.

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Access for Filming in New Zealand

filming in New Zealand, Filming in New Zealand

Thirteen is a lucky number when it comes to the number of penguin species recorded in New Zealand. So if you plan documentary filming in New Zealand, nature provides plenty of subjects. History or the community’s lifestyle can also be a source of inspiration. Dive into a genuine filming experience when filming in New Zealand. Embrace the full potential of the area with the help of our journalist fixers. Our production assistance supplies you with all the local resources you need. Get ready for an experience of filming in New Zealand that will leave you in awe.

Fixer New Zealand provides professional support for filmmakers and media agencies as well. Our crew of journalist fixers looks after all your needs and requirements. From film permits to crew for hire, our production assistance encompasses everything.

As expected, filming in New Zealand on public conservation land asks for approval. Shooting with commercial purposes requires a concession from the Department of Conservation. This applies to documentary filming in New Zealand, TV commercial production and more. Trust our experts to go the extra mile in helping you cope with the paperwork. Rely on us when filming in New Zealand for a true sea change in video production support.

Work your way through the formalities with the help of experienced journalist fixers. Learn more about the New Zealand Film Commission’s requirements of the incentive scheme. Make sure your audiovisual project benefits from the incentives granted by the government. For the best results when filming in New Zealand, count on our production assistance.

Getting Film Permits In New Zealand

Productions like “Lord of the Rings” are proof that filming in New Zealand is a great idea. And our production fixers can help you reach the realms of success. We offer production assistance to make you feel on top of the world. When filming in New Zealand, trust our team to accommodate all your needs.

Film crews must get film permits in New Zealand for shooting in public spaces. There are several fees applicable for the concession, depending on the targeted area. Also, tax values depend on the size, duration and public impact of the shooting. The government’s filming incentive scheme is also very rewarding. Our production fixers can shed some light on the whole process for you.

As the country gains more international popularity, we also adapt our services. Journalist fixers like us offer support to media crews filming in New Zealand. We strive to cater to all the resources filmmakers may need. From equipment rental, down to translation and paperwork. Getting film permits in New Zealand is also part of our portfolio. Working as journalist fixers for international platforms, we cover all the sensitive aspects.

With professional production fixers by your side, you find your place under the sun. Drop us a line and let’s talk more.

Tax Rebate in New Zealand

filming in New Zealand, Filming in New Zealand

Consider stunning locations and a remarkable incentive scheme. Filming in New Zealand is welcoming for any production company. And worry not about the formalities. Working as a fixer for film production has helped us know all about the procedures. Film rebates and incentives, we know them like the back of our hand.

The government grants incentives for international productions that involve filming in New Zealand. The Film Commission is the authority responsible for allocating them. They have several funding programs, meant to encourage filming in New Zealand.

International productions can qualify for the NZSPG or the PDV grants. NZSPG is the New Zealand Screen Production Grant. PDV is the Post, Digital and Visual Effects Grant. Eligible projects get a cash rebate on Qualifying New Zealand Production Expenditure (QNZPE). Rely on our expertise as a fixer for film production to see the formalities as clear as day.

When filming in New Zealand, sail right through the hassle. We match even the most exigent requirements of any media or film production company. Trust us to be the knowledgeable and efficient fixer for film production you need.

Don’t miss the boat because of the formalities. Get the proper advice from a proficient fixer for documentary and more. Contact us today!